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Company IVCOM we would submit to you respectfully greeting and best wishes.

Corporation IVCOM established on the relationship of the two countries ITALIA, and Vietnam. The company was born after the events of Vietnam is a member of the 150 th Organization World Trade (WTO). To socialize the trend of global trade brought many of Vietnam”s world and vice versa. IVCOM company we collaborated with a company in TRINACIA Wine SICILIA-ITALIA rhythm as the Top Trading from Europe-Asia in general and ITALIA-Vietnam in particular and more rich and developed.

First product to serve the public by Vietnam Our company is Wine SICILIA-ITALIA. From specific areas of dry climate, wind on the island have a high of 500m so the sea has been formed for wine grape world famous Nero D “AVOLA and wine grape flavor is growing on the island through the processing of traditional crafts with strict inspection of representative office of food safety in Europe is Italy.

IVCOM to you will be consulted, introducing the wine and wine culture. You are dedicated to serving whether or to purchase. From philosophy to serve all people to enjoy the service even though AT HOME you buy 01 bottles or 01 bins IVCOM ready response to the address you requested. (Style service in Europe)

IVCOM always confirmed 3 factors “Quality, Prestige, brand name” in order to maintain and develop in the future.

Wishes to receive the attention and participation contribute to the customer.

Thank you!

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